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Top 5 Questions


  • How do I know if Enneagram services are right for me?
    You are eager to learn how the Enneagram can be used beyond knowing your number! You are ready to take a look at your blind spots, vices, and weaknesses in order to become a healthier version of you! (And ready to lay aside any shame or guilt that can come with looking at the harder side of yourself.) You feel stuck or a bit lost and would love to get back to your true self! You want to learn more about the Enneagram to help in business or home relationships! You want to learn how the Enneagram can help with emotional or spiritual growth! And SO much me with any questions you have!
  • Are you certified to provide Enneagram services?
    Yes! I am a "Certified Advanced Teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method". The Enneagram Spectrum Method program is accredited with honor by the International Enneagram Association. I am also a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR/L). Although Enneagram coaching is not specifically "OT", the skills I have developed as a therapist apply to both of my passions!
  • What does a session look like?
    No two sessions are the same! They are completely tailored to the individual. The Discovery Session is perfect for clients who come to me knowing nothing about the Enneagram. Clients who are familiar with the Enneagram and want to take a deeper dive and/or address specific areas will benefit from 1:1 Coaching Sessions. For those wanting to explore in a group setting, there are in person and virtual options for you, too! Please see the "Services" tab for detailed descriptions. You can also email me to discuss your personal questions!
  • I've heard that I should avoid the Enneagram if I'm a Christian. Is that true?
    The Enneagram is used world wide by people with a large variation of beliefs. Like many things, the Enneagram can become debated as "not Christian" if you look hard enough. If you do happen to be Christian, I believe the Enneagram can be used as a tool to grow closer to God or closer to the person God created you to be. The Enneagram becomes a "problem" when it becomes idolized. If we have open hearts and minds, we can find traces of God anywhere. The Enneagram is an example of how we can learn about the traces of God that are uniquely built into each of us. We were not created to find God apart from culture, yet created to find God embedded in anything we encounter within our world. There is obviously much more information regarding this topic. One resource I recommend is Episodes 64-66 on the "Your Enneagram Coach" Podcast. During the discussion, they note: "the gospel is like a flashlight but the enneagram can be a way of showing me where to shine it". I love this topic and would be happy to discuss additional questions you may have, as the Enneagram has become one of the best tools I've found for spiritual growth.
  • What are your favorite Enneagram resources?
    The Enneagram can easily be reduced to putting people in a sterotypical box. My goal is the exact opposite! Here are a few great resources to compliment our coaching sessions: If you're just beginning to learn... Books: The Road Back to You: Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile The Honest Enneagram: Sarah Jane Case Podcasts: That Sounds Fun Podcast: Annie F. Downs (Enneasummer episodes 2019/2020/2021) The Road Back to You Podcast: Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile As you begin to learn more... Books: Hearing God Speak: Interactive Enneagram Devotional: Jackie Brewster & Eve Annunziato The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: Jerome Wagner Nine Lenses on the World: Jerome Wagner The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge: Beatrice Chestnut The Story of You: Ian Morgan Cron Podcasts: The Enneagram Journey: Suzanne Stabile Typology: Ian Morgan Cron The Enneagram & Marriage Podcast: Christa Hardin (see Season 3, Episode 14 when I got to chat with Christa!)
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