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"Beth coaches me with such authenticity and compassion as I discover more of who God created me to be. The self-awareness I’ve gained through her seamless integration of the enneagram and the gospel completely transformed my life, my work, and my relationships.”

--1:1 Water for Growth Client


“I've been surprised at how relatable everything is, regardless of our number. Some of what is shared may not always be presently what's on my radar, but I've found myself being like, oooooh, yes, I remember feeling this way, or a note of curiosity. It's been challenging at times to not ask a million questions, which is why I'm grateful that you are SUCH an incredible mirror, question asker and curiosity captain!

--Curiosity Cohort Pilot Group Participant

"As the host of this group, I thought Beth did an incredible job of connecting with the individual participants, using their names, making them feel included and personalizing the presentation.

I think EVERYONE left the group that day with at least 1 ah-ha they could put into play immediately in the observation of how they live/respond to life."--Group Host

Enneagram Services: What Can I Expect?

Plant the seed:
1:1 Discovery Session

During a 75 minute Discovery Session, we will work together to determine your Enneagram type.  This will shed light on which of the nine lenses through which you see the world, which is a fantastic first step toward growth. My goal is not to stereotype you or put you in a box, rather to help you discover the box you are in and provide creative steps for growing out.  Willingness to explore both your strengths and your struggles is imperative to discovering your type.  

Prior to your session, you will have an opportunity to complete a standardized Enneagram test if you. Once you book your first session, I will send you a link and special code to complete the assessment. In order to achieve the most accurate test results, consider your life as a whole, not just how you have felt or acted during your current season of life. The testing and review fee is included when you book your Discovery Session

Water for growth:
1:1 Coaching sessions


During 60 minute Water for Growth Sessions, you will learn how to use the Enneagram as a tool for growth. We will collaborate to create personalized goals during the first coaching session. Topics for 1:1 sessions are unlimited. Some clients desire additional education regarding the Enneagram, while others pursue specific focus areas, such as:

  • Navigating relationships at work or at home

  • Attaining tools for spiritual or emotional growth

  • Discerning further when wavering between two types following Discovery Session

  • Gaining greater understanding of wings, subtypes, or stress/security numbers

  • Learning about the other 8 numbers to encourage empathy

**Many clients prefer more than one session to walk through their goals. If this is you, I would love to offer the Bloom Package, where you will receive a discount for booking four 1:1 sessions. 

Group opportunities:
Growing in curiosity 


enneagram basics: group teaching session

Virtual and in-person group teaching sessions are available upon request. Beth has presented to a group of moms who wanted to learn about the Enneagram during a mom's weekend away and has also worked alongside small teams in the workplace or growth groups in coffee shops!


The minimum time for a group is 2 hours, followed by Q&A. Content typically includes an interactive review of all 9 Enneagram Types, including how each type has come to tell the story they live in. Beth invites group members to receive with curiosity (not guilt or shame), as they explore the helpful (and not so helpful) aspects of their types. Cost varies depending on location, size of group, and group needs. Contact Beth anytime to discuss the best option for your group! 

Curiosity Cohort: 6 week virtual growth group

Virtual group sessions to spur Curiosity, Compassion, and Connection via the lens of the Enneagram. Over the last few years, we've been encouraged to grow in silos, if at all. The world tugs to keep us apart but we were created to grow in community. We were created for connection, curiosity, and compassion.


Join Beth and a group of fellow Enneagram enthusiasts for 6 weeks to get curious about our stories, our fears, our desires, our shoulds, our triggers, and our relationships with hard feelings such as fear, anger, and shame.  We will undoubtedly share empathy and feel less alone when shared stories feel all too familiar. We will share compassion when someone sheds light on a different way of seeing the world.


Sessions will run virtually for 75 minutes followed by the option to stay for a 15 minute Q&A. The purpose of this format is to allow for those who may be working or limited on childcare to join during their lunch hour or nap time and leave as needed! The hope is that you are available for at least 5 of the 6 dates in order to join. See the book a session tab for the next cohort start date! 

If you're unsure
where to start or
have a unique
request, please 
contact me!
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