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"I just wanted to let you know how much the session we had has helped me.  As I shared with you I have been doing a lot of inner work over the past two years.  During our discussion, speaking with you with regard to my past and the questions that you asked to learn more, really helped me process more and has been truly helpful in my growth process.  It's as if a light was shined on a few things - specifically how much time I spend in my head, how much I need to commit to reconnecting back to my heart, really looking at what I was programmed with by my parents vs who and what I really feel/believe, and how I look at others when I begin to react either negatively or want to shut down (looking at what it is about them, and what is it that is triggering).  So hard to put into words, but our session was such a great help.  I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to chat, and I appreciate all of the time you took to walk me through the enneagram, but more importantly your approach to it all -- not putting me in a box based on test results but really learning about me and asking the questions.  You are so incredibly talented with this, and you have such a way of making people feel comfortable to open up (I mean I shared my whole life story with you and we had never met)".  --Kristen, age 44

"Beth coaches me with such authenticity and compassion as I discover more of who God created me to be. The self-awareness I’ve gained through her seamless integration of the enneagram and the gospel completely transformed my life, my work, and my relationships.”

--Megan, age 29

“My therapist asked if I knew what Enneagram number I most closely align with in order to better understand some of my habits and behaviors...I reached out to Beth to find out. Taking the assessment and talking through the results with Beth has not only been enlightening about myself and my own behaviors, but it has been beneficial in navigating how I relate to others as well. It has helped me to identify my strengths, and also identify areas in which I could spend some more time focusing in order live a more balanced, fulfilling life.” --Courtney, age 36

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